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editing and story coaching

I’ve been writing and editing professionally for over twenty years. My clients range from the most beginning of writers to New York Times bestsellers.

My writing and editing skills were honed by two distinct sources: U.C. Berkeley, where I learned how logically to structure a written piece until it became part of my cellular make-up, and booksandpeople, where I read an insane amount of books about writing and everything to do with it and then talked to/formed critique groups with and took tons of classes and workshops from other writers.

Another people part is my dad, who is a poet, and with whom I’ve had wide-ranging discussions my whole life about everything you could possibly think of about writing and life, because when it comes right down to it, there really is no difference between those two things.

I offer story editing, which is where I help you figure out where your story is working and where it needs a bit of love.

My approach is this: you’ve put your heart and soul in my hands. I respect and honor your vulnerability. I would never, ever say cruel, cutting, or damaging things about your work. In fact, anyone who does do that, seriously question whether they are truly able to help you!

We all deserve kindness and respect. Why should it be any different when working with someone on your book? Do not settle in this regard!

I can tell you not only that something isn’t working, but why it’s not working. That way, if you want to work with it, you know, on a meta level, the direction to go in to fix the problem.

For example: it isn’t very helpful to say: “There isn’t enough information on the page here.”

Instead, I’ll tell you: “There isn’t enough information on the page here. This is important because this scene is laying the foundation for reveal X later in the book, and the place to start building to that reveal is here.”

I’ll show you what I see. But ultimately, this is your book. You need to decide if what I’m saying fits with your vision of your art or not. In a professional relationship like this, there is no room for ego–either something makes the story better in your eyes or it doesn’t.

It’s as simple as that.

And, after that, I will coach you for four weeks after you get my edits to help you do the fixes you want to do.

I’d love to help you bring your dream book to life!


Some writers I’ve worked with:

Darynda Jones

David Corbett

Mary Buckham

Alice Gaines

R.L. Merrill

Tess Rider

Paul Durham

Tomas McCabe

Beth Barany

Karysa Faire

Vanessa Kier

C.M. West

Irma Velasquez

J.R. Kniss

Joshua Leavitt

Daniel Glick

Heather Laszlo Rosser

Katie McGonigal

Sharon Parker

Bay Ship

Julie Dees

Sharon Call

Jacob Coggshall

Naya Murdock

Noam Marcus

Olya Mokina

Zach Cook

Dan Chapman